Miperval has a long standing experience in supporting clients in the realisation of their projects. With a focus on the Fashion Industry, we have been working for more than 50 years with firms operating in the sector (including clothing, shoe, leather factories). Our versatile approach allows us to collaborate directly with high fashion firms as well as with wholesalers. The firm is managed by Alessandro and Giancarlo Mazzucchelli, two brothers who made thrive the company created by their parents Carla and Dino in 1963.


Miperval can offer items in aluminium, brass, iron, steel and zamak

In order to better support the different needs of our clients, the products we offer can be divided into two main categories:

  • Own production items
  • Import items (thanks to an exclusive partnership with a Chinese player), that we have selected to guarantee quality standards

For over 5 years Miperval has launched a new department dedicated to the production of high quality items in brass

MANUFACTURING TECHNIQUES Miperval is able to produce accessories with the following manufacturing techniques:
  • Iron bending and pressing
  • Zamak die casting
  • Brass manufacturing with computer numerical control (cnc) machines
All products can be galvanised in any type of finish required by our clients. Our catalogue currently includes 200+ colours. The quality of the products we offer is guaranteed by our highly qualified personnel.
Design ad hoc Miperval


Our wide knowledge of the sector allows us to offer our clients an efficient service of design of bespoke products, starting from a drawing, a sample, or simply from an idea

Regarding brass products, our specialists of computer numerical control (CNC) machines are also able to offer our clients a 3D version of the project, before starting the production of the required accessories

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